Moss Digital Publishing LLC owns and manages a portfolio of fifteen high-quality informational websites in a variety of niches.  

Anne Moss (aka Anat El Hashahar) started MDP in 2017, bringing over 18 years of experience in web publishing to the table. Along with a dedicated team, she developed several informational sites, addressing specific questions that people deal with daily. 

Our goal is to help people with their everyday questions by creating quality online resources.

Our Verticals

The Moss Digital Publishing portfolio includes high-quality informational websites in a variety of niches, such as –



Style and fashion

Style & Beauty




Home Design

Home & Garden



What’s our secret sauce?

It’s simple, really. We create awesome content.

Our team of writers, editors and designers make sure each and every piece of content is focused on delivering the best and most helpful answer to a user’s question. We then  constantly measure the results and further optimize our sites. 

Method of operation

Get in touch by emailing us at –

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